Happy New Year!

Sending prayers your way for a happy, healthy, and somewhat boring 2021. Thank you for hanging with us with all of the difficulties that were encountered with lack of supplies. Most of the problems have cleared, (Forest Crunch - Oranges + Evergreens - Walk in the Woods are back in stock.) but one glitch glaringly remains. Lids! Lids for the studio jars are at this date are a rare commodity! Shipment for studio lids is tentatively scheduled for early March. For this reason, you will notice that they are marked as out of stock. If…by chance you are interested in...

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20 Years to Embrace Wet Spots

Forever it seems, we have attempted in the background to eliminate the candle adhesion issue that is often referred to as wet spots or bubbles. Actually, wet spots have nothing to do with moisture. They are simply where wax has pulled away from the glass due to temperature variations. Over the years, we have tried everything under the sun to eliminate them. Some examples include: Pouring wax hotter, pouring wax cooler, pouring into warmed jars, pouring into cooled jars, pouring fast, pouring slow, pouring slower, cooling slowly, cooling quickly, cooling on heated surface, cooling with air circulation… Some methods or...

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Naked Products

If your preference is to label products yourself, we offer "naked products". Suggested label dimensions are located on each product page.When adding products to the cart, simply select NO Label as the label type. Note: By selecting No Label, you agree not to market any of our products as body safe, skin safe, massage candle, etc. Also, candles will arrive with a safety label intact. This label must not be removed.

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