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20 Years to Embrace Wet Spots

20 Years to Embrace Wet Spots

Forever it seems, we have attempted in the background to eliminate the candle adhesion issue that is often referred to as wet spots or bubbles. Actually, wet spots have nothing to do with moisture. They are simply where wax has pulled away from the glass due to temperature variations.

Over the years, we have tried everything under the sun to eliminate them. Some examples include: Pouring wax hotter, pouring wax cooler, pouring into warmed jars, pouring into cooled jars, pouring fast, pouring slow, pouring slower, cooling slowly, cooling quickly, cooling on heated surface, cooling with air circulation…

Some methods or a combination of methods work well. Maybe. Temporarily. Only the conditions that the candles are subjected to will determine if the spots appear.

Most candles on the market share this peculiarity at one time or another, even high-end brands. Wet spots are not a defect and in no way affect the candles core properties.

The title of this post states that it has taken us 20 years to embrace them. That is true! Our sole focus is to provide a candle that has an excellent burn and fragrance throw.

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