Fragrance Portfolio



Amber Linen
Luxurious, soft linen with sweet notes of blended herbal tea and lemon balanced with undertones of sandalwood and amber vanilla
Infusion of rosemary, fir needle, cedar leaf and green florals surround its earthy sage base
Bamboo Oasis
The lushness of green coconut, light fruit notes and vanilla overflow into the watery green florals of an ozonic bamboo forest
Invigorating woodsy evergreen with cool notes of eucalyptus, cypress, tonka and citrus notes
Blonde Barista
Bold aroma of Colombian brewed coffee bean, accompanied by indications of velvety rum, cognac, brown sugar and vanilla
Blushing Grapefruit
Fresh fragrance of pink grapefruit with crisp green undertones of rosemary and hints of tangy orange and lime
Bonfire Gathering
Smokey wafts of dried leaves, charred woods of pine and cedar, amber, sandalwood and delicious hints of roasted marshmallows, brown sugar and soft vanilla
Bourbon Vanilla
Aged bourbon whiskey unites with buttery vanilla, brown sugar and dark oud wood
Buttered Brittle
Toasted pecans, walnuts and hazelnuts smothered in a confectioner’s fantasy of brown sugar, butter and vanilla caramel
Caramel Bourbon Apple
Crunchy, juicy granny smith apples dipped into a mixture of warm buttery caramel and mellow bourbon
Spices of cinnamon, peppercorn and cardamom meld with orange zest to warm earthy black tea and creamy vanilla

Chestnuts + Cider
Opening notes of cider, orange peel, clove and nutmeg blended perfectly with rich nutty undertones of creamy caramel and vanilla
Cinnamon Cream
Comfy-cozy combo of warm cinnamon and clove sweetened slightly by vanilla cream, butter and brown sugar
Lush mango, peach, pineapple and orange blend deliciously into creamy coconut milk
**Coconut Latte
Coconut and creamy sweet vanilla swirl deliciously in toasty espresso
Airy and sun-drenched fragrance of citrus, watery cyclamen, geranium and warm amber
Currant + Absinthe
Mysterious blend of blackcurrants, apple, saffron threads and blackberry followed by hypnotizing notes of tobacco, anise, amber, patchouli and cedar wood
Dew + Vine
Garden-fresh notes of dewy crushed tomato leaf lead to a heart of lemon peel, grapefruit and bergamot and finish with a zing of rosemary
Falling Into Autumn
Vibrant opening layers of citrus and cinnamon leaf, berries and chrysanthemum lead to crunchy leaves underfoot, mulled apples and pecan infused with patchouli, vetiver, and sandalwood
Flannel + Tweed
Warm honey vanilla beautifully envelops and softens the rugged earthy edges of white patchouli
Forest Crunch - (Seasonal - It Must Be Christmas)
True aroma of freshly cut pine on a dry down of clove, cedar and cinnamon
Ginger Café
Effervescent ginger notes with spices of cinnamon and clove with hints of coffee and sweet cream
Hazelnut Kona
Coffee lover’s fantasy of toasted hazelnuts, roasted kona, sweet chocolate, and creamy sweetness of vanilla maple
Hints of sweet orange citrus, spice, bayberry, woodsy notes of cypress, pine and fir unite all while earthy smokiness lingers in the background
Floral of hydrangea, airy ozone and whispers of peony
It Must Be Christmas - (Classic - aka Forest Crunch)
Celebrate the true meaning of the Christmas season with the breathtaking aroma of freshly cut evergreen
Lavender Sage
Calming aroma of white sage awakens the earthiness of lavender, cedar and sandalwood
Lemon Curd Cake
Sticky-gooey-goodness of buttery sponge layered with sweet lemon curd and drizzled with coconut syrup
**Lemon Kissed Rosemary
Brighten everyday with the spirited marriage of bright lemon, lemon zest and crushed rosemary needles on a base of lavender and woodsy moss
Lemony Verbena
Meyer lemon lifted with a bouquet of wood moss, garden fresh rosemary, cucumber and geranium
Beautiful floral of lilac in full bloom
Mountain Mist
The softest whispers of spice encapsulate notes of balsam and pine and unfold beautifully into a blend of airy essence and greenery
Beautiful floral of lilac in full bloom
Oranges + Evergreens
House blend of tangy orange rind enhanced with peppery clove and woodsy evergreen
Pumpkin Brulee
Sugary crust covers baked creamy pumpkin custard with spicy additions of nutmeg, clove, cinnamon and allspice
Pumpkin Embers
A unique collective of smokey hints of cinnamon leaf, patchouli and oud bark embers combined with pumpkin, sandalwood, vanilla and amber
Notes of smoky incense, tobacco leaf, orange, tonka bean and sugary vanilla sitting atop pine, rose petal, cassia, clove, cherry blossom and anise
Salty Lime
Tangy lime and sweet orange chased with a delicious finale of agave, kosher salt and a dash of tequila
Seas The Day
Land and water collide with salty sea air, ocean mist, sea greens and moss
Sleigh Ride - (Classic - aka Walk in the Woods)
Wintry blend of pine, oak, cedar bark and holly

**Spiced Honey
Coriander, ginger and lemon zest open to a heart of spiced kissed honey and finish with a finale of oud resins sweet tobacco leaf
Spun Sugar
Caramelized spun sugar combined with rich cream, butter and vanilla custard
Sugar Corn Pudding
Old fashioned confection of butter, sugar, almond, ground cornmeal, ground cinnamon, toasted coconut
Soft middle of velvety vanilla, maple syrup and creamed butter nestled deliciously inside crunchy notes of cane sugar cinnamon
Sugared Citrus
Sugared showered citrus and tropical fruits of strawberry and guava atop wood and greens
Sweet Fig + Rhubarb
Vibrant sweet-sun ripened figs balance tart notes of rhubarb, currant and berries
**Tonka Oak + Oud
Tonka and balsam embrace opening notes of amaretto and vanilla oak and finish with woody rum and smoky oud
Twigs + Berries
Primitive fragrance of tart berries, apple and orange with woodsy undertones of oak moss, jasmine, rosemary and geranium
Vanilla Coriander (This fragrance will be discontinued once stock is depleted)
Sultry notes of warm amber, sweet tobacco leaves and vanilla bean accented with lemony touches of coriander
Walk In The Woods - (Seasonal - aka Sleigh Ride)
Earthy blend of seasoned pine, fir balsam, berries, citrus zest and warm spice
Warm Nutmeg Vanilla
Freshly ground nutmeg enveloped in sweet nuances of caramel, root-berry and vanilla cream
Watermint Clementine
Invigorating blend of fresh orange clementine enveloped in an herbal bouquet of mint, sweet basil and chamomile
Wild Honeysuckle
Notes of lemon and ginger lead to the delicate, sweet aroma of jasmine and honeysuckle balanced out with hints of violet and woody greens
Winter Whites
Invigorating, crisp notes of eucalyptus and cedar embrace balsam and cactus and finish with bright citrus of orange and grapefruit
Woodland Cranberry
Spicy notes of cardamom, anise and cinnamon combined with woodsy fir and pine beautifully complement the tartness of cranberry and black currant
Yuzu + Sea Salt (This fragrance will be discontinued once stock is depleted)
Spa style fragrance layering of yuzu & satsuma oranges, juicy nectarines, apricot, aloe leaf, water lotus and sea salt