Happy New Year!

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Sending prayers your way for a happy, healthy, and somewhat boring 2021.

Thank you for hanging with us with all of the difficulties that were encountered with lack of supplies. Most of the problems have cleared, (Forest Crunch - Oranges + Evergreens - Walk in the Woods are back in stock.) but one glitch glaringly remains.


Lids for the studio and mason jars are at this date are a rare commodity! Shipment for studio lids is tentatively scheduled for early March. For this reason, you will notice that they are marked as out of stock. If…by chance you are interested in the studio candle without a cover, we can accommodate that request.

The mason pewter lids are also out of stock until March. Temporarily, we will be using a different version. Currently, we have 1800 in stock.


    There will be a 3% price increase on the mason candles effective February 1st, 2021. All other pricing will remain at current levels.


    • Twigs + Berries and Renaissance are back and during the break, we released five new fragrances, with more on the way.
    - Chai
    - Coconut Latte
    - Lemon Kissed Rosemary
    - Spiced Honey
    - Tonka Oak + Oud
    • Spun Sugar, Vanilla Coriander and Yuzu + Sea Salt will be discontinued once stock is depleted.

    If you have questions, please let us know!

    Always and forever, thank you - thank you - thank you for your business!

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